TRUSU installs gender-inclusive bathroom sign

The new bathroom sign installed in the TRUSU building. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

The TRU Student Union is trying to make things a lot easier and stress-free for transgender and non-binary students with the installation of a new gender-neutral washroom sign in the TRUSU building.

Ashton Wright, the vice president of the TRUSU Pride Club, said putting up the new washroom sign is a small step towards more inclusivity.

“We’re really stoked on it, we’re really happy. We’re really happy to see that TRUSU took the initiative to be able to say that we are inclusive, we are a more inclusive campus as a whole,” Wright said.

The new sign for the washroom was put up on Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov. 20.

“It just gives an option to the non-binary and trans folk who do come to our school. It allows them to have a safe space to go pee, which apparently is an issue – which is a little bit ridiculous. I really wish we didn’t have to have gender-neutral washrooms and could just live in a world where everyone is decent,” Wright said.

Although the gender-neutral sign is a step in the right direction, Wright said there is still a lot of work that can be done to make all students feel safe.

“I really hope that it does spark a lot of inclusivity and encourages a current update on the system that is currently in place. I feel like there are a lot of people and a lot of students that get left out in the old system, so I really hope that they see this as a chance to update,” Wright said.

Wright said that simple things like giving other people respect and not being a bad person in general could make a big difference in the atmosphere on campus.

“I really hope that people can respect other people’s pronouns and really respect other people’s expression of gender, however they want to see themselves. I hope this inspires a safe, inclusive environment on campus,” Wright said.

Wright adds that the Pride Club will holding workshops about gender, consent and a variety of other topics in the upcoming semester.