Five senate positions remain unfilled after TRU elections

Another round of elections has wrapped up at TRU, with new members elected to the university senate, board of governors, planning council for open learning and TRU Community Corporation.

For the board of governors, Tracy Christianson and Hafiz Rahman were elected as faculty representatives and Eric Youd as non-faculty representative.

In the senate, both Lloyd Bennett and Monica Sanchez-Flores were elected by acclamation as faculty of arts representatives. For school of business representatives, Ehsan Latif was elected with 23 votes and Rob Anderson and Peter Tsigaris tied with 16 votes each, meaning the senate itself will decide a winner between the two at its next meeting on Nov. 27.

Four were elected as open learning teaching staff representatives: John Patterson, Gordon Rudolph, Marnie Wright and Derek Knox.

Andrea Rhodes filled one support staff representative position by acclamation.

The two student representative positions available had three candidates sharing a great deal more votes than all other races. Mwansa Kaunda was elected with 217 votes, Evan Choy was elected with 201 votes, and Cole Hickson was edged out with 154 votes.

Senate positions for two faculty of law representatives, two nursing representatives and one position for support staff representative all went unfilled and are now vacant.

For the planning council for open learning, Marie Low was elected with 20 votes, while John Patterson and Don Stanley tied with 20 votes, to be determined at the senate on Nov. 27.

Finally, Barneet Mundi was elected to the TRU Community Corporation with 200 votes and will serve in the position until August 31, 2018.

Voter turnout for most races in the election was approximately two per cent.