Voting in TRU fall elections on until Friday afternoon

Elections are currently underway for positions on the university’s board of governors, senate, planning council for open learning and the TRU Community Corporation. Students and employees can vote through their web portals (myTRU and TRUemployee) until 4 p.m. Friday. Biographies of each candidate can be found on TRU’s election page.

The TRU board of governors appointments will be a three-year terms from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2020. The nominees for the two instructional faculty representative positions are Jason Bermiller, Tracy Christianson and Hafiz Rahman. There is also one non-faculty representative position open, with two nominees to choose from: Stacey Jyrkkanen and Eric Youd.

University senate appointments will also be three-year terms for the same period. There are two open positions faculty representatives from the faculty of adventure, culinary arts and tourism open, but no eligible nominations were received.

There were also no eligible nominations received for positions available to the faculty of law and the school of nursing.

Lloyd Bennett and Monica Sanchez-Flores are up for the two instructional faculty representative positions on the senate from the faculty of arts.

The field is a little more crowded for representative positions on the senate from the school of business and economics, with nominees Rob Anderson, Ehsan Latif, Derek Pyne, Dan Thompson and Peter Tsigaris up for the two available spots.

For the four available open learning teaching staff representative positions, there are six candidates to choose from. The nominees are Derek Knox, Rocky Mirza, John Patterson, Gordon Rudolph and Marnie Wright.

There are two support staff representative positions open on the senate, but just one nominee, Andrea Rhodes.

Finally, there are two student representative positions to be filled on the senate that will run until the end of their term on Aug. 31, 2018. The three nominees are Evan Choy, Cole Hickson and Mwansa Kaunda.

The TRU Community Corporation has one student representative vacancy to fill, with the term running from Nov. 10 to Aug. 31, 2018. The nominees are Evan Choy, Barneet Mundi and Shreya Patel.

The planning council for open learning also has two positions available to open learning teaching staff. The three candidates are Marie Low, John Patterson and Don Stanley.

The election results will be posted on the TRU website and distributed via email on Nov. 9.