Chinese high school company chairman gives $5 million to TRU

University receives largest donation ever from chairman of company that operates private campus school

Sherman Jen, the chairman and co-CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, which operates a private Chinese high school on the TRU campus, has given the university its largest ever donation of $5 million.

The donation breaks down into five categories:

– $1.5 million will go to the Dr. Sherman Jen Research Innovation Fund and will support research in the faculty of science and school of education.

– $1.5 million will go to the Dr. Sherman Jen High Fidelity Simulation Centre, which will go towards health care practice mannequins

– $500,000 will go to the Dr. Sherman Jen Instrumentation Lab, which will be a virtual venue for instrumentation professionals

– $500,000 for the Dr. Sherman Jen Innovation Competition Prize Endownment, a fund for prizes and to support participants in science, leadership, business and trades innovation competitions

– $1 million for the Dr. Sherman Jen Student Scholarship Endowment, for scholarships in science, trades, law, education, social work and education

Maple Leaf University School students at the grand opening event on Thursday, Sept. 29. (Marcela Arévalo/The Omega)

“These initiatives will have a transformative impact on TRU by aiding a broad cross-section of students and researchers across a number of disciplines and will also be a spark for innovation at our university,” said TRU president Alan Shaver in a message to the university.

Maple Leaf Schools opened its private high school on campus in September 2016. The school teaches Grades 10 to 12. Maple Leaf Education Systems has been teaching the B.C. curriculum since 1995, but TRU’s school was the first to be opened in Canada.