Local artists battle with paint and skill

The night featured many diff erent styles including abstract like Dale Parkes (left) and Marianna Abutalipova (right). (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

Kamloops welcomed a night of furious artistry at the ninth season of Art Battle at CJ’s Nightclub on Sept. 22.

Art Battle is a national competition, with battles in Kelowna, Vancouver and Ottawa to name a few. The competition consists of three rounds to determine the winner. During round one and two, six artists per round face off head to head in a 20-minute speed painting battle. Each artist is given a blank canvas and a variety of acrylic paints to create freely. The top two of each round battle it out during the final round, to see who will be carrying on to compete in Vancouver at Art Battle’s regional competition.

All decisions were based off voting ballots that attendees were given upon arriving at the venue. Each spectator placed a single vote per round for the work they believed to be best.

“Kamloops needs more of this kind of event,” said CJ’s Nightclub general manager Chuck Ferguson.

Friday night’s event welcomed both veterans and newcomers to Art Battle. One such newcomer was Wyanne Chase, who in the first round painted a textured rendition of a horse. Each round featured a wildcard draw just before the round. Round one featured wildcard draw Carolyn Hawes, also new to the Art Battle scene.

The completion also had several connections to TRU with faculty and students alike. Faculty members Dale Parkes and Clement Yeh participated in the fury of paint. Round two’s wildcard draw featured TRU student and newcomer to Art Battle, Anna Klugie, who won the votes and was selected by the audience vote to compete in the final round, facing off against three competition veterans: Clay Walker, Stace DeWolf and Dale Parkes.

Attendees of the event were treated to an up close and personal look into each individual artistic process. Master of ceremonies Michael O’Brian encouraged guests to circle the artists in what he called “a slow tornado,” taking in the process and watching as creations transformed in front of their eyes.

The night wrapped up with the final round consisting of Clay Walker and Stace DeWolf from round one and Dale Parkes and Anna Klugie from round two.

After a second intense 20-minute competition of the night, Walker walked away with $100 and the title of Season 9 Art Battle victor. Walker will be headed to Vancouver to compete for the regional title.