Medieval battle production on now at Sun Peaks

Chimera Theatre’s latest production will take the audience back to medieval times

Photos from this year’s Knights of the Sun medieval tournament in Sun Peaks. (Andrew G. Cooper/Chimera Theatre)

Knights of the Sun: Medieval Tournament Theatre is a sword fighting tournament for honour and glory. The interactive play, set in a fictional medieval world, features knights from all around gathering to the capital city for an annual tournament.

Andrew G. Cooper, the artistic director at Chimera Theatre says this show is super interactive and a lot of fun.

“They’re going to be doing all of this sword fighting for the audience, and because it’s gotten sort of a festival and tournament feel, we included singing, dancing, axe throwing and other activities that people can join in on throughout the show,” Cooper said.

Although the show will have audiences up and out of their seats, joining in on the festivities, the show will also feature a story about conflict between the different tournament-goers.

“In and amongst all of this sword fighting, there’s a war that happened and there’s different houses and different factions that are kind of fighting each other and they all end up at this tournament together. And then the ghosts of the past, or the skeletons in the closet come out,” Cooper said.

A similar show in the same vein ran at Sun Peaks last summer. Cooper added that audiences from last year will get a bit of a sequel.

“It is an entirely new story with entirely new characters and I feel like we’ve improved and streamlined it a lot from last year,” Cooper said. “It takes place in the world of the play 15 years after last years show did. So, a lot of these characters are sons and daughters of characters from last year.”

This year’s show will be a total of 75 minutes long and will include all new choreography and more stage combat. Cooper adds that the audience should keep in mind that this is an outdoor theatre experience.

“Be ready to get involved because that’s really what we’re trying to create, this environment where we want people to join in on the festivities. And it is outside so people should be aware that there might be mosquitoes if it’s a certain kind of weather. If it’s raining lightly we will continue with the show,” Cooper said.

Knights of the Sun will run from June 23 to August 20 on weekends at Sun Peaks Resort. Tickets are $25 each for adults and $20 each for seniors and kids 12 and under, on Friday and Saturday the show will begin promptly at 6 p.m. and at 12 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets can be reserved online at or by calling the Sun Peaks Central Reservations Office at 250-578-5542.


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