TRU law student files lawsuit against bloggers and Google

Daniel Gallant is a third-year TRU law student and plaintiff in a defamation suit against Arthur Topham, Monika Schaefer and others. (Ω FILE PHOTO)

Third-year TRU law student and reformed right-wing extremist Daniel Gallant recently filed a lawsuit against bloggers Arthur Topham and Monika Schaefer, as well as Google, Google Ideas and Google Blogger for defamation.

The lawsuit alleges that in March 2015, Topham published an article entitled “Zion’s Zombie Army: Neo-Zionist zealots attack” on his website that called Gallant a liar and an actor with a criminal plot that threatens the security of Canadian society.

In his article, Topham allegedly describes Gallant as a traitor who has joined forces with a “Zionist conspiracy” and called Gallant a traitor to the right-wing extremist movement and alleged that Gallant is currently connected to terrorism.

Gallant alleges that Topham said he is “Nazi-hunting” and intends to participate in illegal hacking against right-wing extremist networks and websites. Gallant also alleges that because of Topham’s article, other right-wing extremists have targeted him and the anti-radicalisation site Extreme Dialogue, on which Gallant appears.

A month after Topham’s article was published, holocaust denier Monika Schaefer commented on Topham’s article and affirmed that Gallant was controlled by “Jewish Zionist conspirators.”

The lawsuit, which alleges Schaefer to be in close contact with “violent Nazi skinheads,” claims that both Topham and Schaefer published and republished that Gallant had been manipulated by “Zionist monsters.”

In his lawsuit, Gallant also names Google Inc., Jigsaw (formerly known as Google Ideas), and Blogger as defendants, claiming that Google continuously made the Radical Press website available to the public, even after Topham had been convicted to hate crimes flowing from the website in question.

On Nov. 12, 2015, Topham was convicted by a jury of wilfully promoting hatred against people of the Jewish religion, and recently lost a constitutional challenge to that conviction on Feb. 17. On Monday, March 13, Topham was given no jail time, but did receive a six-month conditional sentence that forbids him from posting online. He was also given a curfew and two years probation.

Gallant is seeking damages in an amount to be determined by the court, costs, damages for lost earnings and damages for loss of opportunity.

None of the allegations has been proven in court and the named defendants have not yet responded to the suit.