Multicultural Society hosts a cooking show

Cultural recipes from Thailand, Korea and Japan were taught and were made available for tasting

Okgyo Woo preparing Korean Japchae. (Juan Cabrejo/The Omega)

Amongst the series of events under IDays, a cooking show was on display by the Kamloops Multicultural Society in the TRU Residence and Conference Centre on Thursday, March 9. The event featured three cuisines: Thai, Korean and Japanese.

Warunee Turner, who owns a local Thai restaurant, volunteered for the event. Ethnically dressed, Turner demonstrated the making of Meekrap, a famous crisp noodle-based Thai cuisine. This vegetarian dish is iconic of typical Thai food, being sweet and sour yet spicy.

Next in line was Korean Japchae, made by Okgyo Woo. The translucent noodles in the dish give it its North American-ized nickname of glass noodle stir fry. It is considered a party food and is often consumed during festivities.

The event ended with Wendy Reddeman teaching the attendees the art of sushi-making, using only a few ingredients. She used oboro (powdered shrimp) to make a classic sushi roll.

One of the attendees was awed by Reddeman’s ease of sushi-making, to which she replied “Once you start rolling, it’s quite simple. All you need is a little practice.”

She made sure to cut the roll into at least five sushi pieces since the number four in Japanese tradition is considered unlucky.

Once the demos were over, the pre-cooked food items were made available for tasting to attendees. An international student volunteer, Min Fu, liked the part where they cooked, but felt like the event could have been grander had there been more diverse foods. Fu is a tourism student and said the event inspired her to travel to Thailand and eat the local food in the country.