Kamloops Film Festival in review: Grand Unified Theory

Each year, The Omega reviews the films presented at the Kamloops Film Festival. The festival came to a close on March 11.

If you are looking for a movie that will encourage you to think in a different way about your life and your position in this enormous universe, Grand Unified Theory is the one. Along with its excellent cinematography and set design, this film will make ask some big questions while enjoying it.

Even after leaving the theater, you won’t stop thinking about this movie and its bigger questions in particular. This is what made watching this film a special experience for me, and for my friends who watched it as well.

Close from his home, the director/writer/producer David Ray who is from Vancouver B.C decided to produce his film Grand Unified Theory. The movie has a strong Vancouver connection which makes it special for those who live near Vancouver.

Albert (Scott Bellis) who is an astrophysics professor experience an unusual weekend with his four-member family. Strange things happened on this particular weekend that almost led to a family meltdown. At an unnamed university, Albert kept lecturing despite all the dilemmas going on with his family. Therefore come the questions about how work, the universe, and human behaviours are all affected by each other.

Albert lectures were beautifully filmed, and that will take you to a high level of engagement with deep concepts he is raising. And the dialogue between the family members is so natural which will remind you of your own life and your family discussions.

While his family is going through typical growing issues, Albert can’t see his family as clear as he sees the universe. The Grand Unified theory will make you look at family, love, and life in a different way. Through sciences, the film makes sense of the world in a way that is fun to watch.