Film about loss wins big

TRU student wins the tenth annual Kamloops Independent Short Short Film Fest

The 10th annual Kamloops Independent Short Short Film (KISS) Festival took place on March 5. Japneet Singh, a TRU student in the one-year MBA program, took home the first place prize.

Singh’s film 1920 Kamloops was just over three minutes long and starred Abijah Gupta, Mishika Gupta and Suraj Shah. The short film follows a piano player coping with the loss of his wife through a reflection on their time spent together.

“It’s all about loss. It’s all about longing. It’s all about wanting something,” Singh said.

Singh says that KISS is the first film competition he has submitted his work to and that it was with the support of his friends that he decided to take the plunge.

“My friend Suraj Shah, he works at TRU World, he pushed me into it. He was like ‘go out submit a film or do something,’ because I have always been making content but I’ve never sent any of my stuff to competitions or film festivals. I just didn’t really think of it, because I just make stuff and next thing you know it’s on a website, not really going anywhere and not many people see it,” Singh said.

Singh got his bachelor’s degree in film in London and is now back at TRU learning about the business side of things.

“I tried going on my own and freelanced for awhile. I realized when you work for people, they pay you peanuts. So I thought hey, I want to run my own business and I got into MBA because it’s a good skillset to have. Also because it helps my mother sleep a lot more,” Singh said.

1920 Kamloops, much like Singh’s other projects, is inspired by his surroundings and the people involved in the creative process.

“It’s usually the space, it’s usually who I’m working with, it’s the face in front of the camera, it’s the way they react. For 1920, Abijah was playing the piano live, and he is one hell of a pianist. I’ve known friends who could play the piano, and then I met Abijah and I thought no one else could play it better,” Singh said.

Singh adds that filmmaking has changed his reality and the way that he looks at the world. Through his love of film and making movies, he now sees the world through a much different lens.

“It’s like asking why do you like eating food or why do you enjoy a nice walk or why do you like music. I have been doing it for so long now that everything I see is all about the camera,” Singh said.