Only three positions will be contested in coming TRUSU election

Candidate announcements show two slates, one small, one big, will contend for positions

This year’s TRUSU general election won’t leave students with too many choices. Out of the 19 positions students will vote on, only three will be contested by more than one candidate. The remaining 16 open positions will be put to a yes or no vote.

The contested positions are for president, vice president external and women’s representative.

For president, Mattias Eriksson on the Progressive Advocacy (PA) slate, and Tatiana Gilbert on the Student Advocacy Coalition (SAC) slate, will vie for votes. One notable absence is current TRUSU president Brian Chiduuro, who ran with SAC and won the presidency last year, but is not on the ballot this year.

For vice president external, Zerubbabel Asress (PA) and Cole Hickson (SAC) are both campaigning for the spot.

Finally, Saprina Chandi and Emiko Ohama are up for the role of women’s representative.

Hickson and Gilbert currently hold director-at-large positions with TRUSU.

In uncontested positions, Caitlin Orteza, currently LGBTQ representative, is running for vice president equity; James-Dean Aleck will run again for Aboriginal representative; and Gagandeep Singh, currently vice president internal, is running for vice president services.

New positions on the ballot this year will all be yes or no votes. They include vice president services, vice president equity, visible minorities’ representative and two each for the following: campaigns committee representative, entertainment committee representative, services committee representative and student caucus steering committee representative.

SAC is running a candidate for each position and there are no independent candidates.

Complete candidate list

– Mattias Eriksson | PA
– Tatiana Gilbert | SAC

Vice President Equity
– Caitlin Orteza | SAC

Vice President External
– Zerubbabel Asress | PA
– Cole Hickson | SAC

Vice President Internal
– Janelle Lapointe | SAC

Vice President Services
– Gagandeep Singh | SAC

Aboriginal Representative
– James-Dean Aleck | SAC

Graduate Students’ Representative
– Emmanuel Daramola | SAC

International Students’ Representative
– Simranjit Aulakh | SAC

LGBTQ Representative
– Dale Drozda | SAC

Visible Minorities’ Representative
– Inayat Ur-Rehman | SAC

Women’s Representative
– Saprina Chandi | PA
– Emiko Ohama | SAC

Campaigns Committee Representatives (2)
– Brandon Hayashi | SAC
– Aanchal Mogla | SAC

Entertainment Committee Representatives (2)
– Richard Abankwa | SAC
– Usra Gohar | SAC

Services Committee Representatives (2)
– Inderpreet Bains | SAC
– Arjun Gill | SAC

Student Caucus Steering Committee Reps (2)
– Mwansa Kaunda | SAC
– Mico Miege-Moffat | SAC