Breastfeeding and parenting room opens on campus

New room for parents located at the crossroads near Student Street on Old Main

Thompson Rivers University has opened a breastfeeding and parenting room in Old Main at the crossroads near Student Street.

(Image courtesy TRU)

The room, which will be made available to parents who complete the university’s usage agreement form, is outfitted with a changing table, chair and a sink for washing up. It is kept locked and only accessible by a code given to those who apply.

Marian Hardy runs Cariboo Child Care here on campus. She was happy to see the room open.

“It’s a brilliant idea. I think there should be more of this everywhere for parents, because not every parent who breastfeeds is comfortable doing so in public,” Hardy said.

Those who have a spot at the TRU daycare sometimes breastfeed there, too, and the daycare provides them with some space to do so.

“I think we should have more of this available on campus,” she added.

Hardy suggested future spots near other coffee shops on campus might be a good idea – places where parents might meet to exchange kids with their spouses or just go to relax.

The Cariboo Child Care Society has just 12 spaces for babies and demand is always greater than available space, so Hardy is glad to see any new space for parents on campus.