TRU’s got talent: behind the voice of Jonas Loza

First-year student expresses his love of music on social media while getting his degree

Jonas Loza is a first-year arts student at TRU. Fresh out of Vancouver, Loza moved to Kamloops only a few months ago.

“I’m from the big city and I wanted to change my scenery. I think a small city like Kamloops would help me focus on academic stuff and also on creative writing. I like writing music,” Loza said.

The move from Vancouver to Kamloops was inspired by a need for a slower pace of life that would give him the ability to start building a music career while going to school.

“Vancouver is such a big city. You can get lost there sometimes. I feel like starting off in a small environment and building yourself up from there is a better route. I’ve been asked why I didn’t stay in Vancouver, and I love Vancouver as a city but I feel like I can connect more with people in a smaller town,” Loza said.

Loza is thinking of switching things up.

“I want to move into tourism management so I can travel the world, to reach places that don’t get to hear the type of music that I listen to, hear the music that I create. I want to bring content to people that they would enjoy listening to and want to hear,” Loza said.

Loza says that music is just something that runs in the family.

“I’ve always grown up with music, if you go to my house, my whole family is singing and they’re not afraid to sing. I guess I picked that up when I was younger. Ever since then I’ve just been singing,” Loza said.

Connecting with the Kamloops and TRU community has helped him to find like-minded people and a way that he helps to get his name out there.

“Going to these local events such as the open mic at the Padlock or the Art We Are, a small café that likes listening to local artists. Just branching yourself out there is amazing,” Loza said.

He added that social media has been another great tool for showcasing his music to the Kamloops community.

“It’s actually pretty crazy. I’ve gained a lot of followers over the last couple of months, especially because I’ve been tagging a lot of local artists here. The music scene in Kamloops in general is very supportive,” Loza said.

Most of Loza’s videos for social media have taken place around the TRU campus.

“I want to touch base with the students, as a student myself, having other students listen to my stuff helps them hear what I have to produce. The acoustics here are amazing too,” Loza said.

Right now, Loza is working on finishing his degree and bringing the Vancouver vibe to Kamloops with his music.

“I really want to finish my degree, I came to school to finish my degree. My parents didn’t have the opportunity to get theirs, and I’ve always told them I’m going to go get a degree,” Loza said.

You can follow Jonas Loza on Instagram @ivan_jonas for more of his music.