Bangladesh club celebrates success and community

Triennial Jubilation is open to students of all ethnicities to learn about Bangladeshi culture

The Bangladesh club celebrating Pohela Boishak, also known as Bengali new year in 2015. (TRUSU Bangladesh club)

The TRUSU Bangladesh club marks its first Triennial Jubilation on Feb. 25. This event will be a night of celebration for the club, as they have grounded a community and presence on campus.

Asif Ahmed the TRUSU Bangladesh club’s event manager said that this event is to celebrate three years of success of the club.

“In 2014 we started this club and since then it has been active and we have put on events that have brought our culture to Canada, and united all of our fellow clubs,” Ahmed said.

This event will include singing, dancing and games. It is an opportunity to bring all types of people together to celebrate international communities on campus. The night will also include some great ethnic food and refreshments.

“We want to make people familiar with our culture, because we want everyone to know what our culture is. So, the food is a link to our culture, it’s all made in the ethnic way,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed adds that this event is a great way for people to learn about the Bangladeshi culture.

“How we meet people, how we greet them, how we make friends easily and how we spread love to everyone,” Ahmed said.

The event is meant to be a successor to the club’s very first event You Are Invited held back in 2014.

“We have invited all nations, because at our cultural events we usually have our own people the East Indians or the Indians. For this we are calling for everyone, whether you are from Canada or Japan. Everyone is invited,” Ahmed said.

The event will take place on campus at 6 p.m. in the Old Gym. Tickets are $10 for students and $25 for non-students.

Tickets must be purchased before the event by calling Asif at 778-586-4700, Saiful at 250-299-3081 or Nadim at 250-318-6632.