Looking for a new food flick? It’s Eating You Alive

Eating You Alive is one of those documentaries that make you stop and think.

The film talks about the reasons why so many Americans become ill with chronic diseases, and how what you eat has a huge impact on the prevention and recovery from those illnesses. The film showcases everyday people, doctors, chefs, online influencers and Hollywood celebrities sharing their experiences with a plant-based diet.

Along with exposing which foods are bad for you, Eating You Alive also talks about issues behind pharmaceutical companies and doctors’ knowledge of nutrition.

The inspiration behind the film came when director and producer Paul Kennamer and producer Merrilee Jacobs had a production company approach them for work relating to the whole-food plant-based lifestyle. Having no prior knowledge on the diet, Kennamer, Merrilee and their entire production team gave themselves a 21-day challenge to act as their own trail study. The production team ranged from people in their 20s to 60s, but after six weeks everyone has seen incredible life-changing results.
From then, the inspiration to share what they had learned was born and Eating You Alive began.

The primary message behind the film states that eating a whole-food plant-based diet can prevent or even cure illnesses like heart disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, diabetes and more. This is compelling because a lot of these illnesses don’t have cures, but instead medications to help you stabilize yourself that can easily be prescribed for several years, if not for the rest of your life.

It’s a concept most of us would believe is common sense, “you are what you eat,” after all. However, how many of us actually think about the true impact of everything we put in our bodies?

As young adults, a lot of us believe we’re invincible and don’t have to worry about our health until we’re old. However, we’re at the prime age to prevent ourselves from obtaining these illnesses.

This seems really easy when you consider habits such as smoking, and that if you don’t want to be at a higher risk of lung cancer, you probably shouldn’t smoke.

But when we consider the foods we eat every day, the outlook changes. It’s difficult to accept a notion that certain foods are bad for you, especially the one’s we grew up on our whole lives, thinking are vital for our health. The reality is, though, that it’s the truth.

I believe the film was done extremely well because of its focus on how much control you have over your own health, which Jacobs says was an important point they wanted to stress in the film.

“This was really to show the masses that they can put the power back in their hands for determining their own health.”

The biggest goal behind the film for Jacobs and Kennamer was to inspire people to look into the issues further and gain their own knowledge on the truth about some of the things we are eating. As the response to the film has been very positive, I believe they have succeeded.

Eating You Alive is a vital film to watch of many, to educate yourself and knowing exactly what you’re eating to create a dietary lifestyle that fits.