Info session for Muslim students follows Quebec attack

Students, RCMP, Kamloops Muslims and TRU representatives gather for support

On Sunday, Jan. 29, a mass-shooting at a Sainte-Foy, Que. mosque left six people dead. These acts of terror caused a global outcry. Here in Canada, there was an outflow of support for the Muslim communities around the country, including in Kamloops.

TRU also took initiatives to hold an information session on Thursday, Feb. 2, in response to the terrorist act. Such initiatives showed TRU’s support for members of the Muslim community.

Lead by TRU president Alan Shaver, TRU World representatives, RCMP and a group of diverse students showed support for Muslim students present at the event with supportive comments and a moment of silence dedicated to the victims of terror.

Muslim students attending the information session showed gratitude for the grief and compassion shared by the TRU community.

“I have recently seen a lot of people expressing feelings about what happened last weekend and I do believe that the Canadian community is one of the most peaceful communities because they worked really closely in order to welcome Syrian refugees, and we saw their compassion. I have also seen a lot of different cultures supporting people who lost their relatives last Sunday. I am thankful to the Canadian nation and to this county for their compassion and support,” said Damoon Hossin, a Muslim student at TRU.

One of the event’s goal was also to address and discuss issues related to interculturalism and diversity in the community. The topic of collective actions aimed to assist students come together in order to understand each other’s faiths, values and traditions, was raised.

TRU maintains the status of a multicultural university, the issue of appropriate cross-cultural communications remains compelling.

The bulk of the session was discussion among attendees, as well as arguments about proper multicultural interactions aimed to cut the risk of discriminative actions towards other cultures.

Tony Rogge, international and managing director of TRU World Global Operations said, “TRU‘s ISA team is doing their best to be sure that everyone is involved in order to find a solution on addressing diversity issues.”

Student members were given an opportunity to raise concerns regarding discrimination issues.

TRU World representatives and RCMP officers also spoke on cross-cultural issues by giving their own life examples of living in multicultural communities.