JP Maurice performs at the Dirty Jersey

Vancouver-based artist plays Kamloops with his recently released EP "Girls"

JP Maurice and his band play the Dirty Jersey on Saturday, Jan. 28. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

JP Maurice rocked the Dirty Jersey with a pulsing piano and thumping bass. Maurice is an up-and-coming Vancouver-based musician that released his new EP “Girls” on Jan. 13.

“It’s been two years in the making. I put out my first solo record at the end of 2013 and started work on this one at the end 2014 in Toronto,” Maurice said.

The EP is a unique blend of moody indie pop and introspection. It takes influences from Wintersleep and Radiohead to create a melancholic reflection of trying to find one’s self. It also includes a variety of collaborations including one from producers Russell Broom and Ted Gowans.

“I really tried to do a lot of collaborating with other writers last March,” Maurice said.

Maurice started to focus more on music again after the loss of a family member, channelling those strong emotions into his art.

“I started the real meat and potatoes on the album in the summer and ended up finishing 15 songs. So, this EP is a six-song prelude to the album that is going to be coming up,” Maurice said.

Since its release earlier this year, Girls has responded well to audiences.

“I think the first reactions from the single and the video coming out and the songs have been really positive from peers and from friends and from the local scene,” Maurice said.

Maurice played before Northcote, a Victoria-based post-hardcore folk punk band at the Dirty Jersey in Kamloops on Jan. 28.

“It just happened that I was able to jump on these shows with Northcote, who I’m a big fan of,” Maurice said.

The EP deals with literal and subtle contrasts in life, while tackling a larger topic of the differences between people.

“The theme is talking about duality, the economy of contrast. Shapeshifter is talking about trying to be two different things. I think that’s sort of the constant theme,” Maurice said.

Shapeshifter has a silkiness in its production that ties the crescendo of the vocals to the steady beat of the song.

“I think Shapeshifter is my favourite. It’s the first single and the last track. I wrote that one with my buddy Brandon Delyzer who grew up in Kamloops,” Maurice said.

Maurice is planning to release a full album entitled Boys later this year.

“It’s finished, it’s all mixed and everything. So, it’s all ready to go,” Maurice said.