The best money-saving apps and add-ons for 2017

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to save money. As we dive deeper into January, however, many people find themselves already abandoning their money-saving tactics. If you’re struggling, make your life easier by letting your smartphone or computer do the saving for you. These are some of the best money saving apps and extensions for the new year.


Honey is a Google Chrome extension that searches the internet for sales, deals or different coupons that you can apply to any shopping cart online. When you’re checking out simply click the Honey button and it will automatically apply the discount to your purchase, saving you money. Honey also offers cash points if you recommend the app to your friends, giving you more savings at the expense of spamming everyone you know.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app for your phone that mimics the traditional grocery coupon method. The app provides a list of items that give you cash-back rewards. After you shop, upload a picture of your receipt to the app and you’ll see the money you earned in your account within a few days. Once your account hits a total of $20, a cheque is mailed to you.

Facebook Textbook Trade and Sell

Although this is a website rather than an app or extension, the Facebook group “TRU textbook trade/sell” is a necessity for any student who cringes at paying full price for new textbooks. Before visiting the bookstore, check the page to see if someone is offering to sell the same textbooks that you need. Prices are often less than half of what the bookstore offers and textbooks are almost always in great condition. At the end of your term, sell your own textbooks to get some extra cash.


The cost of gasoline is always fluctuating. It’s difficult to keep track and try to find the cheapest station to fill up at. GasBuddy keeps track for you by listing nearby gas stations in order of prices. You can search different locations if you are travelling as well. The app also rewards users who update or confirm prices at different stations by entering you in different giveaways to win a free tank of gas.


If you’re looking for a simple money manager, Mint is great for organizing your spending. The app displays and categorizes where you are spending your money and allows you to set a budget for each category. This gives you the ability to track how much you have left to spend or how much you may have gone over your budget. Many Canadian banks have a similar version of this app, such as TD mySpend. If your bank doesn’t provide a similar option, Mint is a great alternative.

Whether you’re trying to keep up with a New Year’s resolution commitment or simply want to save some money, these apps are great options for students.