Film review: Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks was one of the most ridiculous films I have seen in a long time. This film is about a small town in North Dakota that is run by an oil company. When drilling a new oil well, the engineers discover a new species that lives deep below the earth’s surface in a secret river. Much of the filming of the movie was done right here in Kamloops.

The film kicks into gear when one of these creatures, nicknamed “Creech,” escapes and runs into Tripp, played by Lucas Till. Tripp is a high-school student and part-time mechanic, and runs into Creech while trying to fix up his truck. Creech then becomes a functioning engine for Tripp’s tricked out new ride. This is despite the fact that Creech resembles a Neopet that is crossbred between a beluga whale and an octopus.

This film was directed by Chris Wedge, mostly known for his work in animation on the original Ice Age movies and Robots (2005). Wedge manages to make the various (and often excessive) action scenes of trucks crashing into things and jumping from rooftop to rooftop run smoothly.

Till and Jane Levy as Meredith provide surprisingly good enough performances along with Rob Lowe as the main villain. Lowe worked well in this role, even if his character’s ending is shown during an odd ending montage.

The major problem I have with this film is that it has a completely disjointed message. This movie starts out with an environmental standpoint but deviates from that to drive around souped-up trucks.

The script is a huge disaster that resembles a messy pile of garbage more than an actual script, with characters’ motivations suddenly switching without any logical reasoning or the sweet but underdeveloped love story between Tripp and Meredith’s characters. No amount of shenanigans from the loveable Creech can aid the boring storyline shoved between the nonsense action sequences.

This film was riddled with problems. It had redeemable acting from its two main stars, though, and while the CGI was better than expected, it was by no means great. This movie will be right up the alley of any monster truck or explosion enthusiast. Monster Trucks is not a good movie, but it is stupid fun.