Vancouver band releases new EP

Little India releases a new EP and takes up its roots in a move to the United Kingdom

Little India, a Vancouver-based indie rock band, released their new eight-track EP Neon Jungle on Dec. 16, 2016.

The band’s four members (Conan Karpinski, lead vocalist and guitarist, Andrew Dixon, bassist and vocalist, Dallyn Hunt, drummer, and Tim Morrison, guitarist and vocalist) have been playing together as Little India for three years now.

Neon Jungle is the band’s second EP album and experiments with various emotions while sampling garage tune disco licks.

“The story of Neon Jungle is almost about the raw human element and human nature. It’s not about a jungle specifically, it’s about a feeling and the things you get up to and things you do in the city. It’s almost like a coming of age story,” Karpinski said.

The story is aided by notes of the bands Canadian and South African heritages, along with inspiration from ‘80s rock.

“It’s transitioning to your new self, trying new things and it’s about the nightlife in the city and how it can affect you and almost change you,” Karpinski said.

Karpinski added that the songs on this EP collected over the past couple of years, and is inspired more by an urban jungle rather than one you would find in nature.

“The writing process was interesting. Some of the songs, like Backseat, were written almost two years ago. Some of them were written in the studio and recorded the same day, like Youngblood,” Karpinski said.

The band recently moved across the pond, picking up their Vancouver roots and placing them in the UK. The band played a farewell show at their EP album release party on Dec. 16.

“Ever since we’ve started this is the scene that we’ve been obsessed with, all of the bands we listen to come from here. The culture is something we’ve always wanted to be apart of. The people who listen music here seem to be like so much more infatuated with it,” Morrison said.

The recent move was aided by the accessibility of Europe and the ability to jump from big city to big city very easily.

“We’ve reached the point where we’re ready to leave and get some new inspiration. We figured we might as well knock off travelling and seeing all of the things we wanted to see and writing new music and doing it at once,” Morrison said.

Now the band is taking on this new European adventure together, giving them more time to grow together as a band.

“We’ll all be in the same space so it’ll be easy to produce content,” Karpinski said.

The band hopes to release a debut album sometime next year.