Ski and snowboard club stepping it up for the new season

Students already hyped for the season can save some money and join others on the slopes this year

Out Here ski and snowboard club students getting air in the terrain park at Sun Peaks. (Myles Williamson/The Omega)

Out Here ski and snowboard club students getting air in the terrain park at Sun Peaks. (Myles Williamson/The Omega)

What started as a concept for a class project in the fall of 2015 has turned into a campus subculture around a common passion for shredding slopes blanketed with snow. The TRUSU Out Here ski and snowboard club will be expanding this year and putting together trips to Sun Peaks, Revelstoke and Whistler.

Myles Williamson, Carmen Ruiz, Julia Thrift and two others drew up a communications plan and website for the ski and snowboard club last year for a communications course here at TRU. But, soon after the project started, it became more than just an idea according to Williamson and Thrift.

They decided to take the class project a step further and present the club’s plan to the Sun Peaks marketing department, who were sold on the idea. Out Here ski and snowboard club was able to secure deals with Sun Peaks for special rates on rooms and lift ticket packages for the “Night of the Living Shred” events.

This year there will be only one or two events up at Sun Peaks, as the club plans to expand its reach and travel to new mountains resorts like Revelstoke and Whistler.

The club has already been fundraising to make the trips more accessible. The Canadian Ski Patrol ski swap brought in almost $400 and the latest fundraising concert at Padlock studios raised more than $1,500 and drew a crowd of about 120 people.

“Skiing is a hard sport to afford. It’s expensive to get to the mountain, expensive for the equipment, expensive to just ride for the day for a day pass and if you’re trying to stay the night it’s next to impossible for a student. So that’s what I’m trying to do with the club, is make it more accessible for students,” Williamson explained.

Sun Peaks has made a deal to allow the club to sell tickets at student rates of $65 per lift-ticket, compared to the average student rate of $77.

Another campus club, the TRUSU Adventure U Club has partnered up with Out Here.

“It’s based around the big events, but what I’m trying to do is partner with Adventure U on this and have Thursday nights at Harper Mountain. So, it’s affordable, plus splitting the cost of the bus between 20 people will keep the cost pretty low,” Williamson said.

Students can’t sign-up, per se, for the ski and snowboard club but those who’ve registered their email with the club will be notified of any events or trips being planned.

“I always keep it relaxed, because a lot of clubs try to have a sign-up fee. Other ski and snowboard clubs like SFU and UBC, you pay like $20 at the start of the season, maybe more,” Williamson said.

There are also plans in the works right now for a big air competition to be held here at TRU put on by the Out Here ski and snowboard club in partnership with Red Bull and Sun Peaks. The competition would be put on in front of the HOL, CAC and International buildings, and would have local snowboarders and skiers competing in it.

The forecasted season couldn’t be better for the club, that saw a decent season last year but all-in-all wasn’t anything to write home about. It is predicted that we will see heavy snowfall throughout the winter months across B.C.