Lumière parade a vibrant event in dark hours

Getting in on the dancing to come during the parade. (Marcela Arévalo/The Omega)

Getting in on the dancing to come during the parade. (Marcela Arévalo/The Omega)

With the sun now gone from the sky by 4 p.m., having downtown lit by lantern is a welcome beacon of light. The Lumière Lantern Festival paraded downtown on Nov. 24 with lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

Kathy Sinclair, the executive director of the Kamloops Art Council, said that the festival has been running for nine years and used to be on Canada Day.

“It gets so dark so early around this time of year and the Downtown Business Association has the lighting of the Christmas tree. So, we dec

ided to partner up and move the event to November,” Sinclair said.

This is the third year the event has been brightening downtown in November and the festival is all about community, whether you are an artist or not.

“It’s just a really great way to get together with the community and creatively express yourself by making a lantern. Also, it’s a great way to light things up during the darkest time of the year, there is kind of a neat vibe when you have everyone together with their lanterns,” Sinclair said.

The parade starts in Lansdowne Village and moves its way to St. Andrews Square. With the cover of nightfall, all sorts of lanterns can be found. Participants are encouraged to make whatever kind of lantern meets their hearts desire. Sinclair adds that some of the workshops leading up to the festival included parasol and top hat lanterns.

“It’s just really cool and magical and it brings some creative vibrancy to our community,” Sinclair said.