Edmonton indie band gears up for a spring tour

Royal Tusk stops by TRU while on a radio tour promoting new album

Royal Tusk is a band from Edmonton currently on a radio tour to promote their new album DealBreaker. The band consists of five members: Daniel Carriere, Sandy MacKinnon, Quinn Cyrankiewicz, Mike James and Calen Stuckel.

Carriere, the lead vocalist and guitarist says that they were all friends for a long time before forming Royal Tusk. So when the opportunity came to form this band and make music together, it was easy.

“We’ve been playing in bands together forever so it was a real natural process, friends from down the street kind of thing,” Carriere said.

The name Royal Tusk was derived from a primal place, coming along with the phrase “you can’t stop a mammoth.” Carriere adds that it was unanimous and they just knew it was the right name.

“I think we were thinking of king of the jungle, something kind of alpha and it also sounded badass. So, when we thought of it, we kind of knew it was the one,” Carriere said.

Their first full-length album, DealBreaker, was released on May 6 of this year. The album takes on a more of a rock n’ roll sound than their previous EP, which was more indie rock.

“DealBreaker was really fun to make. It was a bit of a departure from the last record, which was a touch more indie rock. We went a harder rock direction and I think that’s because Mike, who plays keyboard, also started playing guitar. So we kind of moved from two guitars and a keyboard to a lot of songs with three guitars. Hence, making it heavier,” Carriere said.

This heavy influence of guitar also adds an overall ‘70s vibe to the music.

“We were listening to a lot of ‘70s rock and I think we were digging that kind of music. So [the album] kind of follows this ‘70s rock motif,” Carriere said.

Carriere says that right now their lives are all about the music and making it a successful as possible.

“We are just writing [and] we are getting ready for our next record. When we’re not writing, we’re touring and when we’re not touring we’re writing,” Carriere said.

The band will be touring this spring, dates for the tour will be announced in January. Carriere adds that the band will be stopping in Kamloops, but they also have some new and exciting places to visit.

“We’re getting prepared to go to some different territories, and the U.K. and Germany,” Carriere said.