Healthy takeout within walking distance

Looking to eat better but short on time? You've got a few options near campus

One of BeTeased’s most popular dishes: The Ninja Bowl.

One of BeTeased’s most popular dishes: The Ninja Bowl.

When the midterm season comes around, it’s hard not to find TRU students knee-deep in textbooks, kicking back that third coffee and living off a diet of Tim Hortons doughnuts. In order to perform well academically, students need to fuel themselves with foods that nourish the body and mind.

This is not new information. Students know this, but when they have three midterms in one week, cooking a healthy meal is often the last thing on the minds. Takeout and fast food are normally the default options for most students, as they are deep in study mode. However, healthy alternatives are at a walking distance from campus.

We scoped out some nearby healthy takeout restaurants to find the best options for hungry students on the go who want to eat healthy.

One option is BeTeased, a new Shuswap-based restaurant just across the street from the university in the Landmark Centre plaza. The name is a pun as most meals on their menu are infused with owner Sharon Toews’s own tea blends from her company Shuswap Tea Infusions.

BeTeased offers salads, wraps, rolls, tacos, muffins, fresh pressed juices and smoothies. There is also a breakfast menu that includes classics such as scrambled eggs or tea-infused oatmeal with tons of healthy toppings. A particularly unique and popular dish on the menu is the Ninja Bowl. Caramelized yams, chopped beet, carrot and avocado are just a few of the toppings, all on a bed of warm sunrise tea-infused rice with vinaigrette and signature ninja sauce. Everything is made fresh in-house and last but not least, the food is reasonably priced.

Another option is Chopped Leaf, a Canadian franchise with two branches in Kamloops, one just steps away from the TRU campus off Summit Drive.

The menu consists of salads, rice bowls, wraps, soups and sandwiches. Most of these items also come with customizable options. Their healthy alternative to fast-food has been a huge hit with Canadians. In the past two years, the franchise grew by nearly 50 per cent and opened over 16 locations in Western Canada. The franchise plans to open another 11 restaurant locations before the end of this year.

Chopped Leaf’s most popular dish is their Bangkok Salad, which has toppings such as peppers, noodles, and cilantro, all covered in an evil peanut sauce on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce.

If you want to support your fellow students, visit Common Grounds. A student-union-owned coffee shop in the Campus Activity Centre. Along with supporting students you’ll also be choosing the environmentally-conscious option as all their cups and containers are biodegradable. Common Grounds offers fairly traded organic coffee, homemade baked goods, daily soups, sandwiches and wraps. Their daily soups are a delicious and filling option for under five dollars.

Sushi is another option that might allow you to eat healthy, assuming you’re not ordering the deep-fried options. Oya Sushi up Summit offers all kinds of healthy options on their menu. When choosing healthy sushi stick to fresh raw fish, vegetable rolls or rolls with brown rice. Try to stay away from sushi with sauces, cream cheese or anything fried (tempura). If you are particularly starving, choose a bento box. Packed with sushi, salad, vegetables, edamame, sashimi, miso soup and more, these boxes will power you through your late-night study sessions.

There’s even Subway, which has a limited menu of lower-calorie sandwiches. If you are not careful with your order you can fool yourself into thinking you have a healthy lunch alternative when you are actually having just the opposite. If you want to keep it healthy, stick to 6” sizes, as most of the foot-longs will have a full day’s worth of sodium. Try turkey breast instead of meatballs and switch the iceberg lettuce for spinach. Iceberg is one of the least nutritious greens while spinach is packed full. Skip the cheese, chips and cookies and stick to only one sauce. Other than that, load up on veggies as your toppings.

Save yourself a sugar crash and grab something that your brain will thank you for.