Light up the night with Luminocity

Wander in the dark to discover a variety of light projections scattered throughout the city


One of the many displays set up for this year’s event. (Marcela Arévalo/The Omega)

Luminocity is a nine-day event showcasing video projections, new media work and public events. The event is hosted by the Kamloops Art Gallery every two years and is curated by Charo Neville. It is brought together by 20 different local artists, showcasing works from artists like Monica McGarry, Pascal Grandmaison, Lynn Marsh, Matt Smith and many more.

Events begin after dark, with different projections and features sprinkled throughout Kamloops’ downtown core. Auxiliary Glow takes place on four of the nine nights and closes the entire festival on Nov. 5, featuring an Edmonton exposé on the closing night.

Auxiliary Glow is a collection of art installations, all put together in Riverside Park. The event has several clips from art house inspired films along with large scale projects. The works displayed in the park all vary in presentation and style but are similar in their sense of despondency.

Auxiliary Glow features a piece called The Deep Dark by artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. The piece is composed of a series of lit-up doors, with the intent of illuminating the space between life and death. It explores what is on the other side after we cross over from our world to the next. This is shown by the use of artificial light juxtaposed against nature and the dark night. As people walk through the exhibit, they will notice these doors looming in the distance, awaiting them.

The festival is an unique way to present art outside of the regular walls of the gallery. It looks to embrace the urban environment that Kamloops has to offer, and to use each space to its fullest potential, from projections on trees in Riverside Park to installations in shop windows. The events work to encompass a variety of media forms that would leave almost any pedestrian in complete awe.

Luminocity takes inspiration from other popular public art events across the world, particularly from events like Nuit Blanche, which has been recreated by many different cities and is a night time art festival that uses the host city as its venue to create an one big performance piece.

Luminocity kicked off on Oct. 28 and runs until Nov. 5. A list of events can be found on the Kamloops Art Gallery’s website. All nine of the events presented in Luminocity are free to the public.