Up-and-coming Kamloops indie band releases first album

At Mission Dolores is a local Kamloops band that just released their first album in the beginning of October. Producer, guitarist, bass player and vocalist JP Lancaster is one of eight band members. Lancaster started the band last November after getting inspiration to change things up and play a new a different genre of music.

“It got started about this time last year, at a show with Bahamas and John K. Samson. I went to that show, and I like both of those artists, and when I left my ears weren’t ringing. It was a really great experience, great music but it wasn’t over the top loud. I appreciated that you could go and sit and hear everything, and it was a good experience still. A lot of the music I had been playing was like bar rock and was loud noisy stuff that is imposing on everyone. So, I knew that was something that I wanted to do,” Lancaster said.

Lancaster added that after writing some songs inspired by a more pop-charged genre, he started adding members to craft a new band with a new sound.

“I ended up with seven or eight or nine songs, and thought now I need to record these. I need a band,” Lancaster said.

The album itself innately ethereal, inspired by popular music from the ‘70s and pulling from elements of juxtaposing ideas. The sound is inspired by pop music and is relatable in a unique way. Lancaster says that the music has many different components that it draws from.

“There are a lot of interesting psychedelic elements, with elements of weirdness,” Lancaster said.
The band’s sound is heavily inspired by relatable elements that can be found in almost any city. Lancaster added that the songs are like short stories.

“The name At Mission Dolores comes from Mission Dolores in San Francisco. My wife Maggie and I went there and it’s a really cool, amazing city that’s naturally beautiful. But in the same breath you see poverty or violence, or that sort of thing. It’s that contrast of the beauty of the modern world, and the by-product that isn’t so pretty [and] that we try to push out of sight. So, that’s what I think the album is examining. It’s maybe not obvious all the time, but it’s like that life in a city,” Lancaster said.

The band hopes to start playing shows for their album in the new year. You can buy At Mission Dolores’ debut self-titled album for $7 at atmissiondolores.bandcamp.com.