Recent fine arts grad opens a new exhibit downtown

Kathleen Lochhead opens her new exhibit “Relationshape” at Padlock Studios

Relationshape is a new exhibit at Padlock Studios, composed by TRU grad Kathleen Lochhead. The exhibit features paintings and other small installations, all made up of bright vibrant colors and experimenting with basic shapes.

“This show is an exploration of color and light in how it relates to different shapes and materials,” Lochhead said.

Lochhead hopes this exhibit will evoke a sense intrigue and curiosity in spectators. The pieces within the exhibit work to test your eyes with the neon fluorescents, and some attendees may find it hard to look at.

“Sometimes things that you see might repel you at first, but they are actually fairly interesting,” she said.

The inspiration for Lochhead’s works go back to her roots within fine art, thanks to an early start from her parents and family.

Kathleen Lochhead with works from her new exhibit “Relationshape” at Padlock Studio. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

Kathleen Lochhead with works from her new exhibit “Relationshape” at Padlock Studio. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

“It stemmed from a topic that I’ve been exploring that relates to my childhood and the things that I was exposed to as when I was younger. My mother is an artist, so I had quite an early introduction to the arts. My father works in construction, and he’s worked in construction for a long time. I’ve been exposed to the craftsmanship of architecture and the appreciation of fine art. So I’ve constantly been exploring the two and trying to integrate them into my work,” Lochhead said.

Lochhead added that she was approached to do this exhibit during her final showcase at TRU, and that graduation still hasn’t hit her just yet.

“After graduation kind of feels like it hasn’t happened yet, and that’s partially due to me having this show. I was approached by Padlock Studios immediately after graduating, which is quite an honour and a rare thing to happen. I’m very happy with it but it’s almost surreal in a way because I’m still doing what I was doing in my graduating year, which is making art,” Lochhead said.

She says that her best advice to other students in the fine arts program who want to be working artists is to not care about what other people think and to just go for it.

“If you want to do something, then you do it. If you don’t want to do something, then you don’t do it. Often that means saying no when the people around you want you to say yes, and sometimes it means saying yes to things that might seem odd or strange or unpopular at the time. But if you want to do them, then do them and have fun with it. Don’t be obsessed with having the perfect execution,” Lochhead said.

“Relationshape” will run until Oct. 14 at Padlock Studios. The exhibit is open from 1 to 4 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday or by appointment.