Mosaic Fashion Show brings stunning 2016 presentation

Casual and chic looks modelled by TRU students

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Photos Tristan Davies/The Omega

Friday, March 5 marked the third annual Mosaic Fashion Show held here on campus. Many TRU students and staff volunteered for the event to showcase some great fashion and local boutiques. The show helps to give students insight on professional looks that will help make their skills shine in the workforce and beyond the doors of Old Main.

The pre-show soiree included a photo booth, where guests could take fun pictures with their family and friends. It also offered guests an opportunity before the show to mingle and network.

The show started off with some pieces from Eclipse, which geared its focus towards women’s fashion, from night out on the town to studying for exams in the library attire. The show started with a bold black and white dress that would be perfect for an event or a night out at the club with your best friends.

Following was Genesis Fashion & Beauty Complex, offering the audience a collection of women’s fashion in the same vein. Creating comfy and professional looks that students could wear to an interview, on a nice spring day or when they’ve got five minutes to get to class.

Relentless Fashion had one of the male models dancing his way down the runway. All of the pieces focused on a male audience, and aimed for an avant-garde approach on an otherwise everyday look.

Hudson’s Bay Company had a great selection for guys and girls in the show, focusing on business and event attire rather than everyday wear and ranging from designer brands that showcased the importance of accessories to this year’s best dressed.

Dixon was the second last designer to take the stage, with a bold opening. Female models walked the runway in their underwear wearing masks and with black tape on their bodies. Vancouver designer and stylist Delayne Dixon says that she gets “inspired by fabric” for many of the pieces in her collection. The designer also explains that she likes “to use shock value so [she] always [uses] metallic all the time.” The pieces were very edgy in contrast to the casually chic and practical fashion that made up the rest of the show.

“I use the pieces just for shock and trend-wise. Just for the intro for Dixon I always use masks for most of my shows. Just for like a ‘wow I can’t wait to see what’s next kind of thing,’ so I always try to use something weird,” Dixon said.

Main Street Clothing Company finalized the show with some chic pieces that were fashionable and in-style for an everyday look. Their collection offered pieces for men and women, strutting classic and sophisticated looks complemented by fun spring colors and everyday basics.

There were two intermissions in the show with performances to entertain the crowd. Claire Carlson-Mitton performed a short cover of Hello by Adele and then one of her own original songs entitled Revitalize. The 17-year-old is a recent graduate from South Kamloops Secondary School. She began her music career at the age of 11 and now continues to record original songs.

The Academy of Dance in Kamloops performed a number to the song Roses by The Chainsmokers. This year’s dance was choreographed by Andrew Cooper. The dancers proudly represented their studio, which was founded in 2001 by Krista Faraday.

The after-party took place downtown at Shark Club and was co-hosted by DJ Blanco and DJ Mare. The party was a great way to wrap up an awesome show, as well as to recognise and show appreciation to the many student volunteers and executive committee members who made this fantastic night possible.