Winners of 24-Hour Playwriting Competition announced

TRUDAT plans on putting some of the winning plays into production but details still undecided

Erik Stephany displays his winning script in front of the Actors Workshop Theatre. (Marlys Klossner/The Omega)

Erik Stephany displays his winning script in front of the Actors Workshop Theatre. (Marlys Klossner/The Omega)

Of the twelve scripts submitted at the end of TRUDAT’s 24 Hour Playwriting Competition, third-year theatre student Erik Stephany’s “That One Time Mark Blew His Brains Out” took the prize.

The 24 Hour Playwriting Competition had 18 participants shut themselves in the Actors Workshop Theatre for 24 hours starting Jan. 9.

Stephany’s winning play is a drama about a family and community dealing with the impact of suicide.

“It feels great. Honestly, I was not expecting to win,” Stephany said. “I had seen their work put on stage, so I kind of went into the competition with the mindset that these other guys have it in the bag. To have my play come first, mainly I’m just looking forward to what comes next.”

What comes next is not yet clear, but it will be more than the TRU Drama and Theatre Club initially planned when organizing the competition.

Originally only the first place winner was going have their work put into production, but after discussing with the judges, TRU’s Drama and Theatre Club is planning to put on a festival with between three and six of the plays actually being performed. The festival is still in the planning stages, but Allandra Barton, President of the Drama and Theatre Club said the festival would likely take place “later this year, or early next year.”

This news is especially exciting for the six runners-up.

Second place went to Arron Butowski for “Love and Creation,” and third to Rebecca Binder for “I Wanna Be the Berry Best.” Honourable mentions include Ashley Hibner with “7 Years of Polaroids and Caramilk Bars,” Kara Pare with “Making Monsters” and Omega contributor Peter Navratil with “Jellyfish.”

The first step for TRUDAT in determining which of the winning plays to put on and when is to plan workshopping and staged readings starting with Stephany’s play. All dates are still to be determined.

“The competition was incredibly fun and it was great to be in that atmosphere of people working together all trying to accomplish something. I really hope it happens again,” Stephany said.