TRU purchases property on McGill Road

TRU sees opportunity in Canadian Freightways closure of Kamloops operations

1120 McGill Rd, the site of the now shutdown company Canadian Freightways. (Google Maps)

1120 McGill Rd, the site of the now shutdown company Canadian Freightways. (Google Maps)

TRU’s Kamloops campus has just gotten a little bit bigger thanks to the purchase of the property at 1120 McGill Rd.

Last week, the parent company of Canadian Freightways, Transforce, said that it would be shutting down its Kamloops location on 1120 McGill Rd. A day after that, TRU announced that it had purchased the property, which lies near the southwest entrance to the campus.

Though confirmation of the purchase came on Feb. 4, the university purchased the property last year on Oct. 31.

TRU VP Advancement Christopher Seguin said that the property had been on the university’s radar for a while.

“We are very cognizant of our neighbours and their holdings,” Seguin said. “We had been looking at this property for quite some time.”

Though Seguin could not speak to what the property will be used for, he described the purchase as “incredibly important,” regarding the location as a key piece of land for TRU.

“It’s a gateway to the campus, so really there are many possibilities to what it could be used for,” he said. “Once it is developed it will really help students to recognize where TRU’s campus begins and ends.”

However, with no current plans and a standing lease on the property, development of the plot of land may not come anytime soon.

“Currently, there is a lease on the property. We want to let it run its course before moving on and deciding what to do with the land,” Seguin said.

When asked if purchases of other adjacent properties may be on the table for TRU, Seguin said that TRU was open to possibilities, though there would be no other property purchases by the university at this time.

Canadian Freightways officially closes the doors of its Kamloops location on Feb. 12.