App review: OmniFocus

omnifocusIf you’re like me and have a lot to do, finding the right app to organize all your tasks can be tricky. Thankfully, there is an app out there for busy people who need to be organized: OmniFocus.

When you first look at OmniFocus, it looks like a very robust piece of software. However, once you pay the $45.99 and download it, like I did, you may soon get overwhelmed with the maze of features that OmniFocus has to offer. The great thing about OmniFocus is that they really do have world-class customer service and support.

OmniFocus allows you to put all of your school work, homework, work tasks and other things you have to take care of in one easy-to-navigate location. OmniFocus breaks these out into Perspectives. Each Perspective allows you to see your tasks in a different view. My favourite Perspective is Forecast, which allows you to easily plan your day and week all at once. Finding the best Perspective for you may take some time, but once you find what works for you, you will see your productivity increase ten-fold.

OmniFocus also allows you sync your tasks between your Mac, iPhone and even iPad if you choose. Although the syncing feature is handy, it can lag at times creating some confusion. With that being said, I have all three of the apps, and I find myself primarily working on the Mac version. Consider which platform you are going to use most before paying an additional $45.99 to get it on multiple devices.

Although there is an OmniFocus Pro, it seems to be a bit more than what a student or professor might need in their everyday life. Granted, the pro version does have some excellent features, but I wouldn’t necessarily suggest that students run out and buy it right away.

Overall, OmniFocus is a robust solution to get your life organized, and in my opinion, it is worth the $45.99. If you have been trying to organize your busy life through an app, OmniFocus is probably the best app for you. But I would suggest that if you are serious about getting OmniFocus that you head over to their website and watch some of the videos they have on getting started before you actually make the big purchase.

OSX, iOS and Apple WatchOS
OSX: $45.99
iOS: $45.99
Offers in-app purchases