A day for Diwali

Students highlight multicultural event by the TRUSU India Club

TRU students performing a dance in celebration of Diwali on Friday night. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

TRU students performing a dance in celebration of Diwali on Friday night. (Jennifer Will/The Omega)

TRUSU hosted the India Club’s Diwali bash on Friday, Nov. 20, in the Old Gym. It was a night to remember with delicious food, fireworks and performances by students. Bill Sundhu and Kamloops MP Cathy McLeod made appearances at the event. The night began with food and a symbolic game of bingo to determine if luck will be on your side for the upcoming year. Two lucky winners took home cash prizes, one of those winners being Bill Sundhu.

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights in India, is a multicultural celebration where people come together to celebrate for their own reasons but as a large community. It is an ancient Hindu celebration that signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. People celebrate this victory by dressing up in their best attire and decorating with candles, lanterns and lights of all sizes. It is an important event spiritually, as well as being the brightest and biggest within the Indian culture.

It is important to celebrate Diwali in Kamloops and at TRU because “it’s in alignment with TRU’s strategic goals of sustainability and interculturalization” said a member of the India Club. The university itself has made many strides towards creating a multicultural atmosphere for the 1,750 international students that attend each semester from over 85 countries across the globe.

The event was hosted by TRU students and members of the India Club Tailwinder Kaur and Gunveet Singh. The two tied the whole evening together with their charm and presentation. The evening was concluded with a captivating firework show and a dance presented by Aftershock Roadshow.

TRUSU’s India Club has many more events planned for the future including Holi (the festival of colours) that will take place at the beginning of the summer. Diwali is the biggest event the club has put on and one of the biggest events put on in association by the university. The event had many sponsors, including Kami Cabs, the club’s biggest sponsor.