Faculty strike vote currently underway

The TRU Faculty Association (TRUFA) is currently voting on whether or not to go on strike.

The vote began at a TRUFA meeting on Monday, Nov. 16, and will conclude at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19, according to TRU journalism professor Alan Bass. Multiple students have also reported that professors have warned them about the ongoing strike vote. TRUFA president Tom Friedman told faculty that results of the vote would be published shortly after voting concludes.

Friedman said that both TRUFA and the administration have agreed to a media blackout and that no official statements would be released until after the vote had concluded. Friedman went on to say that the faculty association had provided information about the vote to TRUSU in advance of the vote, but TRUSU president Melissa Gordon would not provide any further information on the matter beyond confirmation that the two are currently in the bargaining process, information publicly available on both TRUFA and TRU’s websites.

“We are aware that the faculty association and administration are currently in collective bargaining and we will work to ensure that there is no disruptions to the education of our members,” Gordon said.

University administration is also tight lipped, though they did provide information of concern to students.

“We have a strike contingency plan in place. All the relevant committees are meeting and preparing for a possibility we hope we can avoid,” said TRU’s VP of Advancement Christopher Seguin, speaking on behalf of the university administration.

According to a bargaining update posted on TRU’s bargaining website on Nov. 14, the parties met twice in November and focused on costing of the proposals for salary increases and possible benefit improvements over the course of the five year mandate for a new agreement. The parties met throughout September and October, as well.

According to TRUFA’s website, bargaining proposals were issued on Oct. 20.