Revived club to host movie premiere ahead of upcoming ski season

Registration has been reopened for a club that was sorely missed at TRU. After being dormant for close to three years, the TRU Ski & Snowboard Club has seen a revival that is expected to snowball in the coming ski season.

Myles Williamson discovered the TRU Ski & Snowboard Club had not been active when he and a few other classmates were assigned a graphic design project. Williamson, an avid skier himself, and his group decided to reinvigorate the club.

“It started just for a class,” said Williamson of designing the logo and writing the blog that inspired the revival of the club. “We got more and more into it, and got more passionate about it and said ‘let’s actually make this into a club,’” Williamson said. A month after its reactivation, the club already has social media outlets, toques sporting their logo and a movie event coming up at the end of this month.

When asked about the club, Williamson said he wants to establish “a community of students who share the same passion for skiing and snowboarding … [I want] everybody to have a good time.”

Williamson also made it clear the club is not just an elitist group for those who are already heavily involved in the ski scene. Williamson called the club “totally open to the whole student body, anybody that wants a ride up to the mountain can join it. Whether you are a beginner or not you should probably join the club.”

Williamson has been in contact with Oronge Board shop in downtown Kamloops and Sun Peaks Mountain attempting to negotiate discounts for club members. “[We are] talking to the sales manager at Sun Peaks, and the club is hoping to get a discount,” he said. According to Williamson the club is negotiating discounts at Sun Peaks which will likely apply to shuttles, lift tickets, lessons and rentals.

“Being a student you have to be able to budget as best as you can,” he said.

The first event that the TRU Ski & Snowboard Club is involved in is a movie night co-hosted by Oronge Board Shop. The event will take place at 7 p.m. on Nov. 20 at the TRU Clock Tower with four ski and snowboard movies being shown. The club is calling their movie night “Get Shred Stoked for Slaying PowPow.” Admission is done entirely by donation to the Bluebird Day Fund which supports disadvantaged individuals in the pursuit of their sport.