TRU changes its branding in reaction to petition

What do you think of TRU's decision and the original complaint? Share your thoughts

What do you think of the slogan “We believe that everyone has the right to unearth their potential”?

On Monday, Sept. 28, it was revealed that TRU would change the phrasing of its branding to remove the word “unearth” from its new tagline.

The change follows a petition created by TRU faculty member Michael Mehta.

“This brand strategy clearly demonstrates that the University is not neutral on this resource project, and moreover that corporate and government lobbying and largesse have the potential to significantly influence the academic mission and future of the institution,” Mehta wrote in the petition.

As of Wednesday evening, Sept. 30, the petition had gained 49 signatures.

What do you think of the complaint against the phrasing, and what do you think of TRU’s reaction to the petition?

Make your voice heard and write us – whether you’ve got a full-page rant or just a few sentences, we want to hear what you have to say about the decision. Please include your name and position (student, faculty, Kamloops resident, etc.) as well.

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