Brew Loops: Beer University

Kamloops holds its first-ever beer festival


Kamloops held its first ever Brew Loops beer festival last week to celebrate local breweries. Based on Victoria Beer Week, the festival kicked off on Sept. 24 with Brew University at the Noble Pig. For $20, the public sampled four of the Noble Pigs’ “Noble 7,” which consisted of the Fascist Pig Pilsner, the Wallonian Pig Belgian Peppered Ale, the Mocha Porter and the Imperialist Pig IPA.

Dustin McIntyre, advancement office coordinator for TRU and ex-manager for the Noble Pig, gave the group a tour of the brewery and explained the beer brewing process.

The tour started with the showing of malted barley going into a giant vat called a hopper.

TRU alum Dustin McIntyre pours the Mocha Porter as part of the sampling that took place at Brew University on Sept. 24. (Carli Berry/ The Omega)

“Sugars are collected from the barley, which gives beer its sweetness,” McIntyre said.

“Wart” is created from the process. Afterwards, hops are added to give the beer flavour and bitterness. The “kettle” is then used to boil the mixture, followed by the “whirlpool” which gets rid of residual solids in the beer. After cooling the beer, the yeast is added and then the beer is fermented. The whole process takes about a month and a half.

“This being the first beer festival in Kamloops, it’s really exciting that the Noble Pig is the first and only brew pub in town right now. We’re all trying to build beer culture together here,” McIntyre said.

Jennalee Johnson, assistant manager, said Kamloops is becoming recognized as a beer destination “which the interior doesn’t have.”

McIntyre said he has met people from Australia that recognized the Noble Pig and its beer. “People love it,” he said. But, “It’s all about the beer culture, it’s not about competition.”

Fifty per cent of the proceeds from the festival will go to Western Canada Theatre and the Kamloops Rotary West.

Brew Loops ran from Sept. 24 to 27 and included the Cannery, Driftwood Brewery, Four Winds, Howe Sound, Noble Pig, Phillips, Persephone, Red Collar and Three Ranges Brewing.