Artist alum Casey Koyczan returns to mentor students

Casey Koyczan, TRU alum and artist, returned to campus on Sept. 24 to speak to students. Koyczan also offered individual half-hour consultations the next day, where he could mentor students and give them feedback on their art.

Koyczan showed a slideshow of his work: a timeline of how his life influenced his art and how he explored different media. Koyczan explained how moving from Lethbridge to Yellowknife to Kamloops influenced his work.

Refreshingly, Koyczan acknowledged his artistic limitations as he showed some of his work done while he was in school.

“Really wanting to draw, but knowing you’re not good at it – that was me,” he said.

Koyczan worked in long-exposure photography, digital collage, painting and 3D modeling before finding his niche with installation pieces. Sound is as much a part of Koyczan’s work as the visual component.

Koyczan finished his talk with some stirring advice for budding artists.

“There are going to be people who tell you you can’t do something. There are people who still doubt me. Trust yourself and you’ve got to at least try to bring something to fruition, because when you do that after someone tells you you can’t, that feels so good.”

Koyczan’s work now follows a theme of nature reclaiming architectural space. His installation “Ek’èt’à” (Returning) was on display in the TRU art gallery last week.