Transit changes leave some students annoyed with new system

Changes to the transit system have changed the way TRU students and staff ride the bus to the university. The changes most relevant to students are the removal of Number 8 Battle Street route and the changes that have been made to the 7 and 9 buses to accommodate the lost route. The 7 will serve the Sahali-Bestwick and Battle neighbourhoods, as well as its normal route through Aberdeen. This significantly lengthens the travel distance of the route.

According to City of Kamloops engineering manager Deven Matkowski, all decisions regarding route adjustments are jointly decided between BC Transit planners and the City of Kamloops.

“BC Transit planners provide recommendations and options for schedule and route changes. City of Kamloops ultimately chooses which recommendations and options to implement,” said Matkowski via email.

Opinions on the route changes amongst TRU students have been divisive.

“My opinion of the changes is that they have overall been good to me at my location in Sahali. For others, maybe not so much,” said Geena Johansson.

Maxine Dafoe, on the other hand, said that “it definitely makes it slower to get places. The buses don’t run quite as smoothly as they used to, so it’s been harder to get to school sometimes. As for getting up to the mall or something, it’s been a lot better if you’re coming from the university.”

Despite ample signage at the bus stops around TRU, some students said they were confused by the new schedule.

“It was confusing at first. I didn’t look at the schedule online so I got on a bus and it was going the wrong way,” said Jason Mcfarlane.

Confusion over the new schedule has also caused problems for Brianna Huit. “Last night I tried to get home and two buses just didn’t show up, then I missed my transfer at TRU and then I was just stranded.”

The lengthening of the Number 7 route to accommodate the loss of the Number 8 route seems to be the biggest problem for students.

“I feel like the 7 is a much longer bus ride,” said Kelsy Torres.

Duncan Kennedy said “I take the number 7 and I’ve been late to almost every single one of my classes since the semester started because buses are late and there is construction.”