Are you longing for the limelight?

Have karaoke nights started to feel like amateur hour? If you’re seeking some local musical talent, or wanting to showcase your own, there are several options.

The Art We Are, if you couldn’t tell by the name, has an artsy, relaxed vibe. Their open mic nights are also poetry slams. If you’re seeking an appreciative crowd and you don’t mind going after a guy who says “Who am I?” in 20 different inflections, this one’s for you. The Art We Are is one of the only venues for underage artists, because they don’t have a liquor license. The Art We Are holds open mics every Friday night.

The Commodore Grand Café and Lounge caters mostly to a somewhat haughtier audience. This is a more upscale venue, a full bar/restaurant with a five dollar cover. The Commodore patrons are night owls, with many late diners and drinkers. If you’re looking for a comparatively fancier setting with great energy, drop by on a Monday night.

Cactus Jack’s, one of Kamloops’ small handful of nightclubs, occa­sionally has open mic nights, but these are few and far between. Cactus Jack’s is the biggest venue for open mics in town, and can give you the feeling of doing a real concert. There aren’t any open mic nights scheduled for the near future, but keep your eye on Cover charge is five dollars.

Central Station Pub holds open mic nights every Thursday. Central is a laid-back local favour­ite. The mood is informal, friend­ly and supportive. This open mic is a new addition to the schedule at this particular bar. Central has a successful karaoke scene on Fridays, and their open mics have been gaining popularity.

The Barnhartvale Coffee House only happens five times a year at Barnhartvale Hall. What is unique about these open mics is that they precede feature acts. Aspiring musicians can sign up on a white board and performanc­es go down the list until it’s time for the main event. Unfortunately this means there may not be time for everyone to play, but if you get there reasonably early it shouldn’t be a problem. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the shows are fami­ly-friendly. Cover for coffee house nights is five dollars, but open mic participants get in for free. The coffee house is a non-profit run by volunteers and funded by admission. In the spring they also held an afternoon jam session hosted some of their featured musicians. To find out as soon as they announce a new date you can sign up for email reminders by emailing them at coffeehouse.

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