TRU accidentally sends acceptance letters to 400 students

More than 400 students received acceptance letters they shouldn’t have on Thursday, April 16. Of the 504 applicants the university sent acceptance letters to for its nursing program, only 103 were meant to receive them.

The university said the mistake was caused by a technical error made in the university’s administration office and that they are “extremely sorry” that it had occurred. TRU’s interim registrar Lindsay Harris said that an investigation is underway to find out what led to the error.

“We understand how awkward this situation is and how disappointed prospective students and their families may be. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this mistake may have caused,” said school of nursing dean Donna Murnaghan in a university press release.

Retraction emails were sent late last night and those affected by the mistake are being asked to contact the dean directly.

Earlier this year, TRU received additional government funding to add 43 new seats to its nursing program.