Local brews in review: Red Collar Brewing Co.

As a newbie to the craft beer world, I didn’t know what to expect when I went for a tasting at the Red Collar Brewing Company a few weeks ago. What I was surprised to find was how different the beer tasted. JP Lancaster, who does sales and marketing for Red Collar, explained their craft is different than regular beer like Molson Canadian, or Budweiser because it’s unpasteurized, unfiltered and uses different hops that add unique flavours.

IPA (6.25 per cent) Rating: 3/5

Not as hoppy as a west coast or Okanagan IPA, this IPA is based on a traditional English style, according to Lancaster. This golden beer has a light hoppy taste, which is crisp and refreshing. The flavour doesn’t overpower the senses.

Mild (3.8 per cent) Rating: 3/5

Dark malts and fruity hops gives this beer a grapefruit flavour. Lancaster said it’s historically a working person’s pint because its alcohol content is low and it’s based on the beer of the 1600s. I found the Mild to have a funny aftertaste that also mimicked in its smell. This dark beer wasn’t what I expected because of its colour.

Dubbel (6 per cent) Rating: 3/5

The Dubbel is also a dark beer that contains traces of chocolate and coffee within its hops. According to their website, the Dubbel is based on a “Belgian Trappist style beer.” The coffee and chocolate flavours were prominent in this beer with a hint of toffee in the aftertaste. I found the Dubbel to be thick and overpowering in flavour.

Tripel (9 per cent) 4/5

The Tripel is my personal favourite. Watch out for this light coloured beer’s higher alcohol content. It’s sweet without being overpowering and leaves a delectable banana-like aftertaste in your mouth. Its mild scent doesn’t give away the beer’s flavour. It’s clean and sweet.

Märzen (5.2 per cent) Rating: 2/5

This lager is golden brown in colour and crisp to taste but nothing stands out. It reminds me of a Budweiser, other than its slightly sweet taste. There are no outstanding flavours and there isn’t an obvious smell. Its style originated in “the 16th century and is now most common in Salzburg, Vienna and Munich,” according to the Red Collar website.

Overall, the different beers gave me a new experience. Although I didn’t like the taste of all of the beers, all of them carried a twist. These beers are available at select stores in Kamloops or at Red Collar on Lansdowne St.