2015 TRUSU General Election results

The Your Vote = Your Voice slate has swept the 2015 TRUSU General Election. No independent or TRU Synergy candidates were elected. Voter turnout to the election was 9.4 per cent, down five percentage points from last year.

Name Position elected Vote share
Melissa Gordon President 58.7%
Amber Storvold VP external 46.6%
Ryan Makar VP finance 59.8%
Meshari Alanazi VP internal 62.2%
Sonya Charley Aboriginal Representative 59.2%
Rami Alzharani Graduate Students’ Rep 54.1%
Bogdana Prymak International Students’ Rep 38.3%
Julian Simpson LGBTQ Representative 80.4% yes
Paige Bernard Women’s Representative 85.4% yes
Abdullah Aloshaiwan Director-at-Large 267 votes
Noel Braganza Director-at-Large 357 votes
Eric Rankin Director-at-Large 348 votes
Cameron Staff Director-at-Large 338 votes