Windmills talks Johnny Depp, Kanye West and the art of the long con

What do you get when you take one man, a lot of noise-making equipment, Johnny Depp facial hair and the raw talent to tie it all together? You get Windmills.

Silly facial hair references aside, Cory Myraas of Windmills is the most unique sounding artist to come out of Kelowna in some time.

Cory Myraas on stage on March 19 opening for Van Damsel, a band he’ll be touring with this summer. (Kim Anderson/The Omega)

Cory Myraas on stage on March 19 opening for Van Damsel, a band he’ll be touring with this summer. (Kim Anderson/The Omega)

Myraas brought his mix of broody electronic, looping and synth sound to the Blue Grotto on March 19, opening for Van Damsel. Since playing Tunes Against Tuition in September, Myraas has made significant strides with his sound.

Recently, he’s slowed down with live shows and focused his attention on his new album. It’s currently half-finished. A FACTOR (non-profit Canadian organization with a mandate to grow the Canadian music industry) grant of $1,500 will enable him to spend another week in the studio and polish off the album. Myraas has applied for FACTOR grants in the past and is excited to have the funds to continue his work in the studio.

“I have a love/hate relationship with FACTOR. I love it when they give me money and hate it when they don’t,” Myraas said.

Unfortunately, Myraas won’t be able to finish his album before setting off on a tour with Mark Mills from April 15 to 25. He might as well leave his bags packed, because on May1, he sets off on a cross-Canada tour with Van Damsel.

“I’ll be sleeping for a month after that,” he said.

Myraas understands the structure of the music industry and realizes how important friendships and partnerships with fellow artists are.

“Those guys have been incredibly valuable. What I do is very different from what they do. They’re always friendly. It’s not a competition, no one would admit that, but, we both push each other. Sending the songs back and fourth and getting their comments and feedback is great,” Myraas said.

But it isn’t all business with Windmills. When prodded further about his relationship with Van Damsel, Myraas made a damning statement.

“Really, it’s a big long con for me. I’m gaining their trust so I can destroy that band from within. It’s been four years. It’s been awful being friends with them. This tour… I’m going to take them out. They’re horrible and really unattractive humans,” Myraas said, jokingly.

IMG_0792Windmills is launching a big and busy 2015: finishing an album, going on (as of right now) two tours, and playing one of the largest music festivals in B.C.

Myraas has a lighthearted sense of humour and takes shots from his friends in stride.

“[This] is the year I ‘Kanye’ everything I do. I feel like Kanye’s message is very similar to mine. We are both strong independent artists. Someone made a comment about it in jest, and I’ve just gone with it,” Myraas said.

During Van Damsel’s performance at the Grotto, one could have mistaken Myraas’ surprise appearance on stage has him trying to “Kanye” away the crowd’s attention, but Van Damsel actually, as they usually do, invited him up to sing.

Watch Windmills closely, because I’m forecasting torrential gusts in 2015.