Film Fest review: Mountain Men


Every year since I moved to Kamloops I’ve re­viewed at least one film during the Kamloops Film Festival, and every year I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of films screened. This year was no ex­ception.

Last year I reviewed That Burning Feeling written and directed by Jason James who also happened to produce Mountain Men. Not surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed both films.

Mountain Men was written and directed by Cam­eron Labine, brother to one of the co-stars, Tyler La­bine. The duo grew up in Vancouver and spent plenty of time in the outdoors, which was Cameron’s inspi­ration for the film.

The film was shot on location in and around Rev­elstoke. I’ve always been fond of seeing familiar sights in films, and I am especially fond of when films are shot in Canada and don’t pretend it’s somewhere else. Take that Colorado!

Last year James successfully wrote and directed a romantic comedy about a sexually transmitted infec­tion and this year he produced a film that expertly blended comedy and drama. Most of the recognition should be given to Cameron for his writing and di­recting, however.

Somehow I’ve managed to write half of the review without actually talking about the film. I digress. The film follows brothers Toph, played by Tyler, and Coop, played by Chace Crawford as they journey to their family’s remote cabin to evict a squatter. Sounds sim­ple, right? Wrong.

At the beginning of the film Toph is portrayed as the drug dealer screw-up and Coop seems to have it all together with his big city job and bombshell girlfriend, but things may not be as good as they seem for Coop. Trouble follows Toph around every corner as this harmless trip to the cabin turns into a wilderness sur­vival story. The two brothers, who have barely spoken at all over the last three years, need to set aside their differences and work together to make it out alive.

Mountain Men is filled with hilarious quirks and one-liners from Toph, such as suggesting Coop got the good dick and bad sense of direction from their mom’s side of the family and he has a good sense of direction and bad dick from their dad. Toph also used weed cookies as medicine numerous times through­out the film.

I don’t want to give too much away, but I highly suggest watching this film whenever you may get a chance. The audience, myself included, seemed to love Mountain Men.