App of the week – reviewed for you

Crossy Road

Android, iOS

Free (in-app purchases)

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.50.32 PMWhy did the chicken cross the road? To beat your high score and collect coins to unlock new characters – duh.

Imagine Frogger, but with a chicken: that’s basically what this game is. You cross roads, dodge traffic, and hop logs to cross rivers. Actually, this game is even simpler than Frogger, because Frogger had an end goal and there were actual levels that you played through. In Crossy Road, you just keep crossing roads until you mess up. It’s Flappy Bird-meets-Frogger, but with a chicken.

You can also collect coins to unlock other characters that replace the chicken. Why did Epoch the killer robot cross the road? I have no idea, but it’s a character you can be, and it shoots at stuff sometimes. I think you can also be a frog.

The game’s pretty addicting, and it’s blowing up the app stores right now. Be wary of the in-app purchases though. For $1 apiece, you can buy the unlockable characters instead of winning them. Doing so won’t change your gaming experience whatsoever, it will just mean that instead of being a chicken, you’ll be a chicken with a Santa hat.

There are also ads in the app, but you’re not forced to watch them. If you do, however, you get coins towards unlocking new characters. Let’s face it, your time isn’t that valuable if you’re playing this game – you may as well watch the ads.