Following two departures, TRUSU tops up its board

New VP finance hopes to hit the ground running with mid-year takeover

The TRUSU board of directors is at full strength for the first time since September.

Ryan Makar, a first-year arts stu­dent planning to transfer into jour­nalism, was announced as the new vice president of finance Nov. 18, replacing previous vice president, Trad Bahabri.

“I decided to apply for the po­sition because I wanted to be in­volved,” Makar said, adding that he heard about the job through the student caucus, which he was a member of at the time.

Ryan Makar is the new TRUSU vice president of finance, TRUSU announced Nov. 18. (Image courtesy Ryan Makar)

Ryan Makar is the new TRUSU vice president of finance, TRUSU announced Nov. 18. (Image courtesy Ryan Makar)

TRUSU president Dylan Robin­son said he thinks Makar’s previous participation in student govern­ment played a part in his appoint­ment.

“I think that just kind of spoke to his dedication, or his willingness to do a lot of work on behalf of stu­dents,” Robinson said. “So I think that was really impressed the board about Ryan.”

Robinson also debunked the no­tion that the vice president of fi­nance deals solely with money, say­ing the position does not require an accounting background.

“It’s a somewhat misleading name,” Robinson said. “The role of the vice president of finance is real­ly focused on the services of TRU­SU…working in conjunction with folks like the services co-ordinator, Abbey McAuley, and managing the UPASS, the health and dental plan, all of our online services, managing Common Grounds, overseeing the building, you know, kind of all the services that the student union of­fers.”

While Makar is new to his role, he said he already has ideas to im­prove the student experience, in­cluding more services tailored for students coming from outside of Kamloops.

“Not being from Kamloops, or from the area, I think I’ll bring a unique perspective in that,” he said.

Among his priorities for next semester, Makar said he hopes to expand the student saver program, adding new vendors and more sav­ing options.

The TRUSU board of directors had been shy one seat since Sept. 23, when previous LGBTQ representa­tive Nic Zdunich resigned. Current representative Megan Graham lat­er filled the LGBTQ seat, only for Trad Bahabri to be removed as vice president of finance after exceeding his limit of meeting absences ac­cording to TRUSU bylaws.

Makar will now hold the position until April.

“I knew I was coming in halfway through and I guess my mentality was ‘I’ll hit the ground running,’ and I’m a little nervous about that, but I think the [TRUSU] staff and the other representatives, the other board members, are going to be a great support in helping me transi­tion halfway through the year,” Ma­kar said.