Voting is on now for Board of Governors by-election

Four candidates are running for the two vacant student representative positions available on the Board of Governors. Voting for these vacancies is now open and can be accessed by students through the myTRU portal website.

The four candidates are Tsungai Mhembere, Eunice Aniogbe, Blessing Chiduuro and Abdullah Abalkhail. Candidate write-ups provided by TRU are below:

Tsungai Mhembere

My name is Tsungai Misela Mhembere but everyone knows me as Berries. I am an international student from Zimbabwe. I am currently in my second year in my Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Economics and Politics When I have acquired my degree, I plan on working with the United Nations. My main focus are would be branching out to the United Nations Children Education Fund, to help children attain an education. I believe education is essential to everyone life, it is the one thing that can never be taken away from someone regardless of the situation. I have volunteered in TRU world orientations and contribute to the international days. I am currently in two choreographed groups “Ama Zim‐Zim” which is a group that performs different aspects of the typical Zimbabwean culture and also in the famous “zim‐zam” dance group that performs for different TRU and off campus events. I have had had poems published in a young writer competition titled “teenage winds of change” and “I have a dream.” Currently I am heavily involved in residence life which exposes me to a lot of problems that students from all over the world face. This experience has encouraged me to devote myself into helping student’s life become easier. It has become my goal to represent the students needs to the board which is why I am running for the student representation of the board of governors.

Eunice Aniogbe

My name is Eunice Aniogbe, I am 19 years old from Port Coquitlam, BC
– Originally born and raised in Nigeria.
– In my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Arts program
– I plan to double major in Sociology and Political science & economics
– My career goal is to be an international lawyer
– Through my various volunteer works, I am involved in the Kamloops community as well as the TRU community.
– I am the best of both worlds because I am a domestic student as well as an international student. I know what the domestic students want, and being very involved in the TRU international community, I know what the international students want.
– I am passionate and energetic about things that concern the school therefore I am willing to commit to the school and the students.

Blessing Chiduuro

Blessing Chiduuro is a 4th Year BBA student Majoring in Finance who is passionately in love with Jesus. He is a very motivated individual who finds satisfaction in helping and motivating other people to become the best they can ever be as seen by the impact he has had on the members of the TRU Finance Club which he stands as the President of the club. After graduation he is looking to be an Investment Banking Associate in CIBC’s Wood Gundy and later head back to Africa to assist his father in their family business. At Thompson Rivers University, Blessing has displayed his ambition to become a significant individual in the community by working as the Director of Entrepreneurship with Enactus, changing lives, and empowering individuals through entrepreneurial action. Blessing was a presenter in the Undergraduate Research Conference this year where he presented on his findings on experiential learning through service in the community. In his spare time, you will find Blessing either listening to Eric Thomas, watching Al Jazeera news/documentaries or two of his favourite TV Shows, Suits and Dragon’s Den.

Abdullah Abalkhail

My name is Abdullah Abalkhail, I am a business student in my 3rd year. I served as a member in several TRUSU clubs, also I have volunteered in many activities in TRU. I have organized a number of sports and outdoor events off campus in Kamloops for TRU students in the past two years.

From my experiences with the students and the difficulties they go through, I believe that I acknowledge their needs and I have a good perspective of how to serve them rightfully, therefore, I consider myself the best representative for my fellow students and their ambitions.

I will devote myself to insure that TRU students will have the best services on and off campus, and to help make their studying experience easier and enjoyable.