Staffing changes shake up TRUSU board of directors

Student union will see some new faces in the coming weeks

The TRUSU board of directors gained an LGBTQ representative and lost a vice president of finance last Tuesday.

Trad Bahabri was removed from his post on Oct. 21 after exceeding his limit of meeting absences according to TRUSU bylaws. Bahabri left TRU after accepting a job offer and is now living in his home country of Saudi Arabia.

“It’s really not that uncommon for folks to leave the institution, like Trad has done in this case, whether for job opportunities or to take advantage of study abroad or co-op or go back home for a semester,” said TRUSU president Dylan Robinson.

Applications for Bahabri’s position are being accepted until Nov. 5 with the new vice-president of finance announced Nov. 18.

“We’re not looking for any sort of special requirements,” Robinson said of the position. “You don’t have to be an accounting student or something to be the vice president of finance; it’s open to everybody and everyone.”

LGBTQ representative vacancy filled

During the same meeting, Megan Graham was announced as the new LGBTQ representative, a post that has been vacant since Nic Zdunich resigned Sept. 23.

Initially, Graham said the LGBTQ position was not something she was going to pursue.

“Apparently there wasn’t a whole lot of interest and I was approached by Dylan Robinson to step up because I have a lot experience in speaking and leadership roles and I felt that I could contribute something useful,” Graham said.

Graham, who is in her fourth year of interdisciplinary studies, has been working with the TRU Pride Club for the last year.

Megan Graham is TRUSU’s new LGBTQ rep. TRUSU will also announce a new vice president of finance by Nov. 18. (Alexis Stockford/The Omega)

Megan Graham is TRUSU’s new LGBTQ rep. TRUSU will also announce a new vice president of finance by Nov. 18. (Alexis Stockford/The Omega)

As LGBTQ representative, she said she plans to take up some of her predecessor’s projects, such as integrating the pride community into the city with pride-friendly businesses downtown, as well as pursue some of her own priorities. Gender-neutral washrooms on campus are one item on her list, since she says the issue is important to the transsexual community and is relatively easy to solve.

“I know that there’s a lot of flexibility in the role and I can kind of do what the community needs to be done or what I’m interested in and that’s really exciting,” she said.

“I guess I’ll be a little more visible and in your face… I’m not here to be shy and we’re not going back in the closet,” she added.

“We’re really excited about having her on the board,” said Melissa Gordon, TRUSU vice president internal. “We look forward to working with her for the equity plan.”

Graham will be the second person to sit as LGBTQ representative since the position was created in 2013.