Anderson: I know Rose promised to “never let go” but it’s time to let “Titanic” movie quotes sink to the ocean floor

I could see my breath forming in small white puffs in the chilly winter air. I slowly and carefully climbed the little mountain of snow in my friend’s front yard. It was a calm, crisp winter night (or maybe morning at this point). I was holding her thoroughly unimpressed white and grey cat safely in my arms.

Once I reached the top of the snow pile I looked at my group of friends, huddled together like penguins on the patio, all eyes were on me. I hoisted her sassy, but non-objecting cat into the sky with both hands and belted out my best intro to “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King.

I gave it my all and sang a jumbled mix of consonants and vowels to that unmistakable tune. I looked up the lyrics later, out of curiosity. The lyrics “nats ingonyama bagithi Baba” are actually sung in Zulu, an African language. What I sang couldn’t have been further from that language, yet every single one of my friends got the reference.

Like a few Disney movies, certain films stay with us as we grow older and some references and quotes just won’t die. For instance, in the 19-25 age group, Mean Girls is a film that is constantly quoted.

I challenge you to toss out a: “she doesn’t even go here,” “on Wednesdays we wear pink,” “the limit does not exist” or “get in loser, we’re going shopping” and NOT elicit a reaction from those around you. Did I really just suggest that “Mean Girls” is an iconic film for my generation? I think I did…

Kim Anderson/The Omega

Alexis Stockford/The Omega

Perhaps one day we will get tired of quoting the bright-eyed Lindsay Lohan in her pre-rehab days, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. As a matter of fact, just a few days ago a friend captioned an Instagram post with “he doesn’t even go here!” I liked it.

On the other end of the spectrum are the quotes that really should be put to rest. The ones I hear most often, that really touch a nerve with me now are from Titanic.

Who hasn’t seen Titanic? It is over-referenced for that very reason. I remember watching it in a theatre with my family and my mom literally jumping and scrambling over the seats to cover our eyes during the sex scenes. Pretty sure I had already taken sex education courses by then, but I appreciate the gesture, mom.

The tragic love story is too easy to quote. Well look at that, you found a restraining fence, I know what happens next. Or maybe you’re leaning over the railing on a boat with your arms spread. With a devilish grin you wave frantically to your friends and announce: “Jack, I’m flying!”

Are you flying, Rose? I don’t think you are. I think you’re taking advantage of that poor, defenceless fence or railing and need to stop. To all the captains out there who have had to suffer through this, I offer you my most sincere apology.

Since I don’t draw or paint, I haven’t experienced this one firsthand. But I bet that all you artists out there have had enough of it: “I want you to draw me like one of your French girls” (exaggerated eye-roll).

So you want them to draw you nude, sprawled out on a couch wearing a giant gem? Is that what you truly want? Or do you want them to laugh at your clever link between a pencil, paper and nudity reference?

My guess is the latter, but hey, to each their own I suppose. On a semi-related note, is a hand drawn nude portrait the hipster version of nude selfies? A hard copy like that would be safe from hacks into the cloud… But, I digress.

Please enjoy films for what they are. But please, people, let us all agree to toss these overused quotes into depths of the sea, just like Rose did with the heart of the ocean necklace.

If these exhausted Titanic quotes keep going “on and oooonnnn” (sorry Celine), don’t expect my patience or friendship to follow suit.


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