Staying close with Close Talker

Saskatoon band plays the Dirty Jersey ahead of its Nov. 4 album release

Saskatoon natives Close Talker took over the small stage at the Dirty Jersey on Oct. 14 after Kamloops band Bobby Cleveland.

The small crowd of about 20 people sat in the tables closest to the stage and this allowed for an intimate vibe. Close Talker took advantage of this and gave the attendees an unforgettable personal performance.

Close Talker is made up of frontman Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud on guitar and vocals, Jeremy “Jerms” Olson on bass and vocals and Chris Morien on drums.

For a newer band still cutting their teeth, Close Talker has developed a unique style, to say the least. Their story of origin sounds like something lifted from a Hollywood script.

Close Talker played a small, but intimate show. (Kim Anderson/The Omega)

Close Talker played a small, but intimate show. (Kim Anderson/The Omega)

“Mutual friends, asked us [Quiring, Kopperud and Morien] to form a wedding band,” Kopperud said. “It was a dry wedding, but Jerms wasn’t dry. He was dancing hard. He had his tie around his head, doing the loose shoulder dance. We had an hour set planned, we milked it to about two hours. We played “Sweet Home Alabama” for about 20 minutes. It got out of hand and it was a disaster!”

The wedding show was a positive disaster, evidently, because shortly after, they reached out to Jerms and he agreed to join the band. “The rest is history,” Quiring said.

Transformative guitar solos paired with hypnotizing vocals, and percussion and rhythm played with precision, showcased the group’s creativity and heart.

Close Talker played almost exclusively new music from their upcoming album, Flux. The songs they previewed, flowed together effortlessly and seamlessly.

Jerms described Flux as “intentional,” which couldn’t be more apt. Every note, hook and riff is expertly and creatively placed to create a hypnotizing and intoxicating sound.

(Kim Anderson/The Omega)

(Kim Anderson/The Omega)

“Burnstick” kept an interesting pace that switched from fast back to slow without warning. With an irresistible hook, this song lifted the audience into a musical trance.

The sheer talent of these guys is a marvel to witness. The silky combined vocals they bring to the table are nothing short of amazing.

Close Talker is a group that clearly likes to keep it light and enjoy their time on the road. “One time we were playing in Regina, and Jerms is wearing this winter jacket,” Quiring said. “We are all thinking, why is he wearing his winter coat? Matt starts the first song and Jerms rips off his jacket, and he’s wearing this jean vest with skulls, or was it cow-print?”

While the material of the vest in question is still up for debate, this points to the spontaneity and light-heartedness that this group exhibits.

Their new album will be released on Nov. 4 and the band will start their next tour on Oct. 25. The closest they’ll come to Kamloops is in Kelowna, on Dec. 3 at The Habitat.

If you get the chance, be sure to check out this young, rising Canadian band before they hit it big.